August 2, 2021

Grind City Media, LLC

7/17 Sat – Playing on the network H-town Sat Nights beginning at 7pm (est) On Grind City Tv Network Roku

Tonight Playing on Grind City Tv Network H-Town Sat Nights #Watch
7:00pm (est) @mzblueradioshowMz Blue Radio Show – @inspirationaltrapgodgocrazy Get ready for some true inspiration
8:00pm (est) Music Critique Vol 7 @r_j @Dj4500_Dj 4500 Music C
9:00pm (est) School of Rocky Ep 17 feat @lilDru
10:00pm (est) @CrowdedroomThe Crowded Room New Episode #36Hosted by RJ @thecrowdedroom
11:00pm (est) @DischargeDischarge (Dj & Video Show) Season 3 esp #21Hosted by @djslott @KinglyC
Sponsored by @brickerlayerent


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