May 17, 2021

Grind City Media, LLC

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Get Your Show on our Tv Channel


Watch our Roku Tv channel by simply adding  Grind City Tv Network to your channel list.
We have an ever-growing program line up for your viewing pleasure.

Grind City Tv Network..we have a site, mobile app, and Roku Channel that runs our programmed and rotation list 24-7.
Our network is created for indie media content creators, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to build a strong network for each and push as a unit.

We like to air content and promote this content with the hope to gain interest in what you are doing and what we are doing – together and as individual entities. We currently have 19 national producers as apart of our network.

You can access our network (3) ways – Grind City Tv Network (Roku Tv or Device) or the free download app Grind City Tv on google play.

As an indie content creator – we do not offer any payment to re-air your content at this time, nor do we charge any fees to air.

We simply like to help push your brand. To be a part of the network, you must agree to represent us on episodes of your show, (small logo placement or mention) 2% of our post on social media and submit your material in a timely fashion as worked up with the scheduling department.
Contact Ceo Kay Bey at if you’re interested.

Grind City Tv