October 27, 2021

Grind City Media, LLC


About Us


Grind City Media LLC is a multi-media content creator and outlet for entertainers and Entrepreneurs.

The company is owned and operated by Kay Bey, who is an independent artist who decided to pursue the art of media instead of just music.

Grind City Media, LLC operates out of Grind City Studio in Pittsburgh PA, and houses its own music and tv studio. The GCM studio allows GCM staff to provide high-quality Livestream showcases, interviews, and promotions. We are also able to assist entrepreneurs who are looking to create commercial promotions to help further their agendas.

GCM creates outlets that help allow entertainers and entrepreneurs to tell their stories, be showcased, and push their brands globally.

GCM has it’s our Roku Tv Channel – Grind City Tv Network, that help further our mission to reach the world and achieve our goal of putting artist and small business on a global platform.

GCM (formally JPB,INC) has over 15years of live streaming experience.  We live stream all of our in-house productions to our Roku channel and we have a large lined up of shows that are played on our channel. Our show line up consists of national and global content.

We are also able to professionally live stream to our Roku channel events from inside our studio, on-location and via satellite interviews & correspondences at any time from anywhere!

Our website GrindCIty.biz and Google Play mobile app Watch Grind City and directly connected to our Roku Channel, there whatever is playing on our Roku channel, its also playing our site and mobile app. (this includes our on-demand section).

GCM Partners with several affiliates that help promote the network and their individual brands. We encourage the artist that we meet to reach out to our affiliates so that may recent top-notch assistance in the areas they wish to improve.

We Offer (3) shows for artist to be featured on at this time.

GoLive Tv   Go Live Tv Hour –Showcases of an individual or group talent (artist or entertainer) Guest are interviewed, music and videos are show-cased and performance time is allotted. These interviews can take place in-house or via satellite.

SHeTv  SheTv  – is a for WOMEN ONLY Showcase that’s shares the talents of an individual or group (producer, artist, entertainer, or entrepreneur).  Guests are interviewed, music and videos are show-cased and performance time is allotted. These interviews can take place in-house or via satellite.

Rep Yo Brand – Rep Yo Brand is a showcase for the ENTREPRENEUR – This show is designed to discuss the products/services of the small business owner; while providing a way for business owners to support it’s local and underground artists. – During this showcase, the Guess is interviewed and is also allowed to do a Top 5 video countdown of their favorite indie artists.

Our goal is to always find ways for artists and businesses to meet and work together.

Please contact Kay Bey (412) 251 9620 for booking and prices!


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Our CEO. Kay Bey:

Not Your Average CEO K. Bey is an American entrepreneur, entertainer, producer, author, international award

winning videographer, Hip-Hop Therapy Teacher, Roku Tv Channel Owner and Multimedia Studio Owner.

Once known for her 20+ years of service with her first company Just Pressin Buttons Productions for

highlighting Independent Talent by way of on stage and TV showcases, she now reigns at her own studio, Grind

City, which is located in Swissvale Pa.

Grind City Media LLC is her new company in which has been in existence for the last four years. The studio

houses a music-recording studio, photo and video studio, and a live stream TV studio.

From Grind City Studio she has been able to create 2 international award-winning videos (Italy & India). She

has worked even harder to teach Hip-Hop Therapy at two Pittsburgh area Hospitals (Children's and

McKeesport) as a part of the Sonny Purgar Music Smiles Program. She continued to build upon the success of

her online series by completing 100 shows of her online TV show; “GoLiveTv Hour”, almost 300 shows of,

”Can I Get a 16” and creating several more on-line Tv shows; “SheTv”, “GCLive”, and a new series called,

“GC Unplugged”, as a part of her new brand Intimate Entertainment.

People who follow K.Bey (formally known as DaButtonPusha) knows she is one of the hardest working women in the independent artist

scene to date. She is self-taught, ever-learning, ever teaching and constantly motivating and setting standards for

indie artists.

She has recently released her first book DaBuilding Process and documentary DaButtonPusha Who

on Amazon.

Grind City Tv