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Blac’s Journey Peace 2 Chaoz In this gripping drama adventure, travel with “Blac” on his mission to pull peace out of chaos he encounters the darkside of the ego. 1:17:00 Directed by Vincent Cole

Blac's Journey-
Peace 2 chaos

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About Vincent Cole

Vincent Cole is author, an artist and a filmmaker who draws from his life experience with his work. Vincent grew up on Houston’s south side . He saw first hand how drugs leads to crime and how crime can lead to death. Vincent Cole  looks to tackle these issues in his works. Vincent’s mission is to find a science or method that will end the curse of disunity that was created during slavery.                        Vincent Cole’s docudrama “Everyday People” and film “Blac’s Journey”  can be watched on Grind City Network Roku and Grindcity.biz. 

Book: Consequence”  

Consequence” which shines the light on the cause and effect of life choices.

Music: Artist name : “ColBlac”

Lps:  ” Gangsta Blues”   

“Lyfe Hustla” 


“Everyday People”

“Blac’s Journey”     

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