August 10, 2022

Grind City Media, LLC

GC Hiphop Therapy Program

“Life is nothing but a song”~ K.Bey

GC Hiphop Therapy

Our mission is to show people especially youth, how to use Hip Hop as a positive form of expression; and outlet whether OR not they know how to rap, write or do music.

Knowing how to express ones- self is extremely important. Self confidence, high self – esteem and positive expression outlets create leaders.

Kay Bey developed and has been teaching this program/process for 20+ yrs. It has had many names and and has been taught in many places – sessions are now soley held at it at Grind City Studio.

GCM is looking to secure funding to purchase and properly equip a media van so that we can reach more young people in the neighborhood the reside and teach them only only more communication skills using hiphop, but also skills in multi-media production and presentation as well.

This will cost us approx. 15,000.00

Any and all donations are welcome.

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