GCMusic Distribution & Promotion

Grind City Media, LLC D&P specializes assisting independent artists in achieving their music objectives.

With over 3 decades of experience, our team awareness, knowledge and know-how to help an artist navigate the entertainment industry. We require our clients to sign a binding contract for the below listed services.

We provide comprehensive music services including:

Music and Video promotion/distribution

Music promotion

Internet Radio airplay

Roku Tv Placement

Digital marketing

US based Tours

Distribution packages

Single distribution $60.00 (USD)

Term length 1 year (Single limit 4 songs).

Ep distribution $400

term length 1 year 

(Ep is 6 songs)


*Album distribution $600 (USD)

Term length 1 year

(Lp is to 14 songs)


Music Video Distribution 

$100.00 term length 1 year (per video)


(*) plans include:

(4) page website creation (if needed)

Blog write-up on Grindaz Magazine for upcoming single releases

Radio rotation placement on Wgrindradio.com for released singles.

Artist Feature write up in Grindaz Magazine Quarterly Print

Assistance with Artist Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Artist Page      

 Setup (if needed)

Single Cover art

(if needed)

Music Track Mastering Service (if needed)

We require all artist to be registered with either Ascap or BMI.

We get a percentage  of the distribution sell, but the artist gets 100% of their royalties.

Yes The single distribution deal does include Cover art for your music

We require our clients to sign a contract for protection. We want our clients to feel confident in what they are paying for. A contract holds us responsible for what we advertise and deliver.

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