September 24, 2022

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GCTv “Grinda”Spotlight – feat. “Grimmshi”

“Foster Owens Jr. aka. “Grimmshi” (born July 17th, 1996) is an
American musician,producer,filmmaker,artist and actor hailing from the
city of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. Since 2012 he has produced numerous
projects such as self-produced albums and eps. To fund his own
projects he has also sought freelance work shooting music videos, and
photoshoots for various clients. As a self-taught musician he focused
solely on music of the Hip-hop genre after being inspired by fellow
musician Marcus Hopsin. However, he also began to branch off into other
genres under his actual name “Foster Owens Jr” years later.

In 2017 Owens graduated with an associate’s degree in specialized
business at the age of 21. He studied film/art at Douglas Education
Center where he received instruction from Robert Tinnell. Owens
graduated from the first-class herald under the late George A. Romero
who is known for revolutionizing the zombie film genre. He then went
on to be a part of several feature length film productions.

In the summer of 2019 Owens went on to release his first solo HipHop
album titled “I R LEGEND” which was the beginning of his inclining
career as a professional musician.

What have you done musically lately?

About 2 weeks ago on Halloween I released an EP titled “Perfect
Dark”. It will be available for streaming on all platforms very soon.

Who are your musically influences?

I’ve had so much exposure to different artists and genres over the
course of my life that I’m pretty certain I add a little bit of
everything I’ve ever heard into each project. I borrow a little from
every artist on my playlist such as  Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, Young
Dolph, Childish Gambino, Trippie Redd, and Linkin Park. Overall my
biggest influence in music since I started in 2013 has been the rapper
Hopsin. His style and how he did things different from what I had seen
in the mainstream media is what made me want to try making music for
myself. Although Joyner Lucas is on replay the most these days.

What have you done with film lately?

The last project I filmed which exceeded twenty thousand plays was
Abigail Jerri’s “Lighter” Music video. That was last summer, which
unfortunately things have been a bit static ever since covid.The last
feature film set I was on was  Rehabilitation of the Hill (2018)
working as assistant camera/second assistant camera.

What is the best lesson you learned by studying under the late George A. Romero?

I learned a lot of things while being mentored by the late George
A. Romero, alongside my former mentor Robert Tinnell while in Film/art
School. The thing that stuck with me the longest came from a story
George was telling me about just getting started filming and not
having a huge budget for his own project or even gear. He spoke about
just using whatever resources he had available and just doing whatever
it is you dreamed of doing. I carry that mentality today. I try not to
let my limitations stop me from working hard and just creating.

How do you apply what you learned doing film to your music career?

Honestly a lot of skills I have acquired in life and during film
have been translatable from one craft to the next. For example, just
understanding the vocabulary of the industry has been the biggest game
changer. I have sat down with clients and helped them
create their music videos from start to finish put me in a completely
different mindset when it came to crafting my own music videos. I can
clearly communicate what it is I’m attempting to do with my
videographers and other crew members. I think if I had been brand new
to the industry I would still feel lost; never knowing how important
even the smallest details such as making a treatment can make an
astronomical difference to the finished project.

How did you get the name Grimmshi – what does it mean?

So when I was in Highschool I was a huge Anime nerd.(Still am) I
studied the Japanese language for about 3 years. While learning to
count to 10 I learned that typically the word 4 would be pronounced
shi. However due to superstitions,4 was seen as an unlucky number
because “shi” is a homophone for death. When referring to someone’s
age instead of saying “shi”, you would say yon. High School was not a
happy time for me and sometimes I felt slightly obsessed with the idea
of death. Naturally I took “Grim” from Grim Reaper and combined it
with the word for death in Japanese to end up with Grimmshi.

How do you feel about the state of hiphop/music AND the music business right now?

I personally believe this is the best time to ever be alive as an
artist. The internet gives every musician a direct line to their
audience and fans. I love creating and I won’t ever stop. At the same
time a part of me is disappointed how political the industry is. It’s
no secret that you have to pay to play. That’s why you see so many
extremely talented, yet unrecognized artists. Our success is directly
related to the value the fans decide we have so you have a lot of
young people compromising their integrity for a shot at a better life.

 Of course, all the ladies want to know if you are single?

At this moment I am currently seeing someone. For a while I was
keeping my options open in a more casual manner but I think
consistency is probably what I need right now. We’ll see how things

Grimmshi is an extremely talented, hardworking accomplished artist.

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