April 11, 2021

Grind City Media, LLC


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Get Your Show on our Tv Channel

Watch our Roku Tv channel by simply adding  Grind City Tv Network to your channel list.
We have an ever-growing program line up for your viewing pleasure.

Grind City Tv Network..we have a site, mobile app, and Roku Channel that runs our programmed and rotation list 24-7.
Our network is created for indie media content creators, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to build a strong network for each and push as a unit.

We like to air content and promote this content with the hope to gain interest in what you are doing and what we are doing – together and as individual entities. We currently have 14 national producers as apart of our network.

You can access our network (3) ways – Grind City Tv Network (Roku Tv or Device) www.grindcity.biz or the free download app Grind City Tv on google play.

As an indie content creator – we do not offer any payment to re-air your content at this time, nor do we charge any fees to air.

We simply like to help push your brand. To be apart of the network, you must agree to represent us on episodes of your show, (small logo placement or mention) 2% of our post on social media and submit your material in a timely fashion as worked up with the scheduling department.
Contact Ceo Kay Bey at kbey@grindcity.biz if you’re interested.

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